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Student Workshops

Heidi has presented her workshops in schools in the Lower Mainland.  She has spoken directly to elementary aged children from Kindergarten to grade 7 about the importance of healthy, nutritious eating. She engages kids in discussions about where our food comes from, how its made and why certain foods make us feel lousy and others make us feel great! Using a host of visuals to educate children on the importance of eating healthy, Heidi creates a dynamic environment that encourages children to want to make better choices when selecting snacks and lunches especially for school!

SERVICES: Workshops
Magnussen Elementary School
Vancouver Talmud Torah
Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.
Vancouver Jewish Community Centre
Montroyal Elementary School
JFSA Seniors Workshop
Dunbar Community Centre
Parent Workshops

Heidi’s passion for teaching families nutritious and delicious ways to feed their families is evident through her dynamic and informative workshop called “Project Lunchbox”. The main crux of the message is how to feed your children healthy, nutrient dense foods for breakfast and lunch so that they can benefit from a healthy balance and enhance their learning potential and behavior at school.


Heidi also discusses many of the most important nutrients, vitamins and minerals growing bodies need to thrive and where to find them in the food we eat. She provides attendees with food samples, a recipe book or tried and true family favorites and offers tips for making the transition to healthy eating as simple and manageable as possible!

Seniors Workshops

Heidi has created a workshop designed specifically for seniors. Keeping their particular nutritional needs in mind, she offers recommendations about which foods they can be incorporating into their diets, which will help support certain age related health concerns (heart health, digestive health, arthritis) as well as simply teaching seniors tips to living their healthiest, most nutritious life yet!

General Nutrition Workshops

Heidi focuses on general nutritional needs and highlights her attention on teaching others where our food comes from. She passionately explains the old adage “you are what you eat” in a format that often hits closer to home, and discusses the importance of blood sugar balancing for every body! Heidi explains some of the areas of contradiction that the field of nutrition is often wrought with, dissecting the most relevant points.

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